Zombs Royale is an online 100 player 2D shooter multiplayer game , it somehow resembles fortnite. The players are deployed to the fighting area on a plane and land on the parachutes. The main task is to stay alive untill the end of round, collecting weapons, ammunition and other resources from the abandoned buildings. The battles are pretty harsh and on the start players die in every seconds, especially newbies are quite vulnerable, but in a matter of some hours you will gain all the skillz for being a pro fighter . Moreover, by using our newest, refined Zombs Royale hack, you will be able to develop in game very rapidly and gain full satisfaction from it. You can choose to start killing everyone from the beggining , or hide in a distant building and wait while players die out so you have more chances. However, being a hide out rabbit is also not 100% safe strategy as there is a wave of radioactive gas which is approaching closer and closer in random intervals of a round and in the end , the safe area becomes smaller and smaller . You can play in 2 modes: single player , where everyone is fighting only for themselves , and a "team mode" where 100 players are separated into teams of 3-4 players, and even if you die , you will still have a chance to win in the round if your team lasts untill the end. Also the interesting difference is that when you die in a "team" battle , you will still have 60 seconds to respawn if you will find your teammates and they "regenerate" you, untill then you will be roaming like a + sign during the battle, but the cruel enemies can still shoot and kill you ultimately even if you are in this half dead status ) With every level you reach , you will receive new skins and bonuses which will make you stronger. Also there is an in-game currency "gems" which you can use to buy the most advanced ammo and weapons and turn your player onto a "terminator". Our hacking team spent long time explored the glitches in the system and finally designed zombs royale hack which can generate you unlimited amount of gems, so in order to benefit from zombs royale gems hack please follow the link in the header of this page.

Zombs Royale Hack for Android & Ios

You can play this game in a browser or in a special ios & android app for Zombs Royale which is more comfortable.
The current zombs royale hack is available for both Ios & android. The process is very easy, you just type in your ingame username and enter the desirable amount of gems . Apart from this hack, our team has also designed zombs royale mod apk, and currently is working on ios modified file as well. This is a modified version where everyhting is maxed and upgraded and lots of zombs royale cheats included.
However there are some small but very important nuances when using this mod apk, and that is why we will make a separate thread about it, for using it safely without any ban possibility. But the gems hack (zombs royale online hack) is very safe and works on any internet browser. You do not need to download any file (which eliminates the risk of getting a virus or smth else) So, there is no download required, but due to bot protection there may be needed some easy verification steps.

Zombs Royale.io Unblocked controls| and zombs royale hack features

Zombs royale controls are as following
Moving by the buttons W A S D
Shooting by the left mouse click or tapping on the screen on ios & android
Opening the doors, picking up weapons and ammnition - button E or its alternative in ios & android

  • Ability to generate gems.
  • Anti-ban, succesful ban protection.
  • Available for both Ios & android.
  • No download required.
  • Can be done online in a very short time.
  • Anti-bot protection for your own safety.
  • Steady script updates.

It is clear that you can benefit a lot from buying gems by using zombs royale hacks and cheats
But there is also zombs royale mod apk, which is a file with altered script that gives you everything maxed and upgraded. It also includes zombs royale aimbot which will help you in ingame fights.

Howver there is a huge ban risk if you use this mod apk, as this is quite easily detectable at this time, and our team works on refining and making it undetectable, for now you can use the much easier option by trying our zombs royale online generator.
In addition, using mod apk can create some controls problems, cause of it altering your activities in the current game. So, use it is up to you to use it.

How to use Zombs Royale generator

You don’t need any special instructions in order to learn what to do. But as a rule, we will once again list them here so that you won’t make mistakes.
Manual for using anything is a very good thing and we devised this for our zombs royale cheats. That is why in next paragpraph, you will see steps which are needed to be followed. They are must and shouldn’t be disregarded. Even before asking for help, you need to be sure that you did everything right.
So, in a few words, in order to start the hack you need to go to the link on the very top of this page first and the zombs royale hack interface will open in front of you. Once you did it follow the next steps ;

  1. Click that first button to proceed to the online hack.
  2. Select your ingame nickname or email.
  3. Enter your platform (ios & android).
  4. Select the amount of free gems you prefer.
  5. Click connect now to connect to account, and then choose gems and click generate to start the process.

You might consider this being very easy and the true point is, we do not fancy making difficult tools. Of course there is many work behind this, but after all the steps it is simplified in this manner.
We also embed a video if you are a newbie and played just a single game , of all the game features.

Oh and not to forget, if you experience any form of human verification during using zombs royale hack, don’t worry. Dow what is said in instructions on the main page. This is a feature to prevent bots from attacking our zombs royale generator and making it useless. Hence why that always pops up. It usually takes less than 3 minutes to complete this step, either by installing an app or email submitting or doins a simple survey. Once you do it right with real info, you will pass it.

New players can watch this awesome video. It is the best aboout the actual game of zombs royale. It is recommended to do so to avoid facing difficulties in game. If you already familiar with that or watched the video, just proceed using online hacking tool.

To conclude, this zombs royale hack is tested by many players and it is easy to use. Just ensure to follow all the steps right and play your game with full satisfaction.